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This page is dynamic and will be updated as information becomes available and decisions are made. 

The information below reflect the best available information at the time they were prepared. It is possible that the strategies and concepts outlined in the materials may change as understanding evolves regarding the unique challenges that COVID-19 poses. As such, information or resources provided or made available should not be considered as rigid, nor are they intended to supplant professional, informed judgment based on observed conditions.


  • We are requiring a 10-day period, that you...

    • Avoid unmasked interactions outside of your household

    • Complete a daily health screening log including temperature tracking

    • Use common sense and skip risky events such as traveling and socializing with groups of people

  • Each camper (and staff) is required to provide proof of a negative PcR test as close to 72 hours prior to arrival to camp OR have proof of full vaccination.

  • Safe travel to CCS at Maple Lane is expected. Please take all precautions possible when bringing your camper to camp.  

  • Clear communication with parents and camp families including an zoom information session held by Camp CenterStage a few weeks prior to drop off

  • Our nurse or program director will be reaching out to all camper guardians before camp week to ensure that all questions are answered and all plans put in place so we can have a successful contact free drop off on June 22



  • Masks will be required during many camp experiences, please pack multiple masks for your camper (we have disposable masks too)

  • Pack knowing that campers will not be sharing supplies or equipment

We will ask that all campers wear a mask when outside of their cabin pod. Because of this we suggest each camper 4-5 face masks with their name written on them. Camp CenterStage will provide hand sanitizers throughout the camp but we are asking each camper to bring their own travel size container for hand sanitizer to keep on their person. 

Back Up Bags:

In an effort to be prepared for keeping our entire campus and camp population healthy this summer, we are asking you to prepare and bring a “Back-Up” Bag for your camper. This would be used in the case that your camper needs an outfit of clean clothes. We want to be best prepared to keep all of our campers and staff healthy and safe.  Please have your camper’s Back Up Bag packed in a gallon size (or larger) zip-lock type bag labeled with camper’s full name and cabin. No need to be concerned with style or fashion – this bag is for comfort.

Your camper’s Back Up Bag should include clean:

  • Sweatpants or Yoga Pants or Leggings (something comfortable)

  • T-shirt

  • Sweatshirt or other warm shirt

  • Underwear & socks

  • Safe Footwear (anything that your camper won’t need / want during camp)

  • Travel toothbrush /toothpaste


We will collect Back Up Bags when you arrive and check-in on opening day of camp! 



Opening Day “drop off” is between 4:00 - 6:00PM with specific drop off times available via a sign up form that will be sent out 7-10 days prior to drop-off day. Campers will arrive in 15 minute increments with no more than 4 campers arriving in a 15 minutes time frame (to the best of everyone’s ability).  There will be a contactless staging area for all campers and your camper’s counselor will welcome them and help them get their belongings to their cabin! We will have a porta-potty available for parents.

In addition:

  • Drop Off and pick up will be drive-through, dropping campers off without a tour of the camp

  • Parents will be required to stay in the car

  • Camper will have temperature and health check before getting out of car

  • All campers will be screened upon arrival by using the screening questions proposed by the Association of Camp Nurses and the American Camp Association (these directly address COVID)

  • Nurse will receive medications from guardian dropping off camper and will be available to return any unused medications at pick up

  • Staff will be available to help camper unload their car and get them settled in

  • Back Up Bag will be gathered and stored in a secure, dry area



We have implemented procedures to check for the signs of COVID-19 on a daily basis and will be promoting healthy hygiene practices during our time together at camp. We regularly communicate and monitor developments with our local authorities, on-call doctor and Franklin Memorial Hospital. Our camp community's health and safety is our utmost concern and we will update our Operations Guide with our camp medical team and the local authorities. 

The following steps will be put in place to deal with COVID-19:

  • Posted Signs regarding Hand-Washing, Stopping the Spread of Germs, Protective Measures throughout campus 

  • Assigned seating in Nelson Dining Hall (to be used for inside dining and gathering spot)

  • Increased cleaning schedule for all community used spaces

  • Videos to families regarding behavior that prevent spread of COVID-19

  • Videos to families regarding new procedures 

  • Back Up bags for campers & staff

  • Use of outside spaces whenever possible


In-Camp Policies / Procedures

  • Daily Temperature checks with Camp Nurse(s)

  • Teach & reinforce hand washing

  • Hand Sanitizer available in every cabin, waysides, Nelson Dining Hall and all studio spaces and on dining tables

  • Outside Dining whenever possible

  • Wearing of face coverings and social distancing when cohorts are co-mingled

  • “Closed Campus” mode: 

  • No field trips off campus, no visitors on campus, Limited deliveries 

  • Increased cleaning of all community used spaces (Wayside, Dining Hall, Dance Studio)

We will do everything in our power to ensure camper safety while still staying true to Camp Kita's mission and vision. We still want camp to feel like camp. 


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