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We're delighted to present to you a sanctuary deeply rooted in nature and memory – the Christopher Mosher Family Respite Cabin.

Crafted with love and intention, this quaint retreat offers solace to families navigating the heart-rending journey of loss from suicide.


A living tribute to Christopher Mosher, the inspiration behind The Kita Center, the cabin encapsulates his profound love for nature and the bonds of family.


This cabin is a serene space designed for families to intentionally reconnect, away from the everyday. Within its walls and amidst the natural beauty surrounding it, we hope families find quality moments, away from daily distractions, to truly be present with one another, forging deeper bonds and cherishing the love that surrounds them.


The Cabin


The cabin is well-equipped and offers a comfortable self-paced break on Loon Pond. Guests of the cabin are welcome to enjoy the grounds at The Kita Center, and the cabin's own sandy beach at their leisure.

Accommodations Include:

  • Homey Kitchen: Fully equipped for your culinary adventures.

  • Bedroom #1: Cozy queen-sized bed for restful slumbers.

  • Bedroom #2: Bottom Full bed bunk and a twin on top.

  • Modern Amenities: A contemporary bathroom, in-house linens, laundry facilities, and an efficient heating/air-conditioning system ensure utmost comfort.

  • Recreation & Relaxation: Engage in water adventures with our canoes & and kayaks, indulge in playful moments with a variety of games, or gather around the firepit for heartwarming stories. A grill for delightful barbecues and a TV for entertainment are also available.

  • Memory & Encouragement Journal: A heartfelt space to jot down thoughts, memories, and messages of hope.

Around the Area:

The neighboring town offers quaint charms with its quiet cafés, bars, and restaurants. For those inclined towards nature, trails beckon with the promise of exploration. Conveniently located, the cabin is a mere 60-minute drive from the vibrant city of Portland, ME, and just 30 minutes away from inviting beaches.

Grief Takes A Village

At the heart of the Christopher Mosher Family Respite Cabin's mission is the belief that healing is fostered through collective support. If you know a family who would benefit from a stay at our cabin, we invite you to nominate them, giving them the gift of peace, reflection, and connection.

However, the gift doesn't stop at the nomination. We encourage nominators to play an active role in ensuring their nominated family feels at home during their stay. By serving as co-hosts, nominators can be instrumental in tailoring the experience, ensuring it aligns with the unique needs and preferences of the nominated family, while always respecting their privacy.


Ideas to Enhance the Stay - A Comfort Plan for Nominators:

  • Stock the Fridge: Fill it with their favorite snacks, beverages, and fresh produce.

  • Spruce Up the Space: Thoughtful decorations can make the cabin feel even more welcoming.

  • Delight with Meals: Offer pre-prepared meals that can be easily heated and enjoyed.

  • Lend a Helping Hand: Assist with tidying up when the stay concludes.

  • Offer a Night Off: If applicable, an evening of childcare can provide parents a moment to reconnect.

At The Kita Center, we stand beside you in this endeavor. We are committed to collaborating with nominators, ensuring the experience is not just a stay, but a therapeutic retreat, echoing our belief in the strength of a united "village of support."

Guest Journal

We invite all guests to share the names, picture, and memories of their loved ones in the cabin's guest journal to not only honor your loved one during your stay, but also to encourage the next guest that they are not alone in their grief. 

Planning The Stay

The cabin is on the far left of The Kita Center property and has private waterfront access. Guests can be nominated to stay at the cabin once a year and are selected by a random lottery. A nomination does not guarantee the family will be chosen. Their stay is hosted in partnership with the family's nominator and The Kita Center.


The home is available seasonally April-October.

Sponsor a Family

Every family coping with the aftermath of a suicide deserves a sanctuary where they can reconnect, heal, and find moments of solace. By sponsoring a family's stay, you're providing just that – a comforting embrace during their journey of healing.

How Your Sponsorship Helps:

For $500, you can sponsor a family's night at the Christopher Mosher Family Respite Cabin. Your generous contribution will ensure they have a fully-equipped, serene, and nurturing environment, free from financial burden, during their stay.


Where Your Contribution Goes:

  • Accommodations: Ensuring the cabin is in optimal condition for every family.

  • Amenities & Utilities: Covering electricity, heating/AC, and the various amenities that provide comfort and entertainment.

  • Grounds Maintenance: Keeping the surrounding area, beach, and paths accessible and beautiful.

  • Special Touches: From linens to the Memory & Encouragement Journal, we strive to make every family's stay unique and supportive.

A Note on Your Sponsorship:

Your contribution goes into a dedicated house fund, used for the upkeep and operations of the Christopher Mosher Family Respite Cabin. This ensures a consistent quality of experience for all families. While your sponsorship isn't linked to a specific family, its impact is felt by every family that finds refuge in our cabin.

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