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Resources For The Days Ahead


Compassionate Support in Times of Grief

The path through grief after losing someone to suicide can be shrouded in confusion and isolation. Society's stigma often amplifies the solitude of our sorrow, leaving many without a clear guide through this deeply personal journey. At DavidCares, we understand the paramount importance of dedicating time to grieve—with intention and care.

Navigating Your Next Steps with Ease

Allow DavidCares to alleviate the weight of "what comes next," granting you the space to embark on your grief journey thoughtfully and deliberately. By completing our support form, you activate a compassionate network dedicated to assembling resources, evaluating supportive measures, and devising a tailored plan for you, your loved ones, or your community. Within 5-7 days following your submission, a compassionate expert from our team will connect with you to present this personalized plan, discuss it, and guide you through the initial steps.

Understanding Grief

Grief is an inherently natural yet intricately complex reaction to loss. It weaves together a tapestry of emotions and experiences unique to each person. The DavidCares program is here to offer immediate support, empathy, and resources to those embarking on this challenging passage.

Your Journey, Your Pace

Healing demands time, and each individual's journey is distinct. Remember, seeking help and moving at your own pace is not only acceptable, it's encouraged. Should you ever feel overwhelmed or in distress, we implore you to contact a mental health professional or a crisis hotline without hesitation.






Please note that the support offered by DavidCares is not a replacement for professional mental health care or therapy. In the event of an immediate danger or a mental health emergency, it is crucial to contact emergency services or a helpline available in your country.

A Proud Partner of Empathy App

The Kita Center is collaborating with Empathy to provide you and your family with on-demand personalized guidance to help you throughout the weeks and months following a loss. From settling the estate to dealing with grief, Empathy’s tech-enabled assistance and real-time human support you while dealing with the challenges that loss brings, including emotional support. Empathy helps to ease the burden, so you can pay attention to the things that matter most.

By filling out the form above through The Kita Center, you will receive complimentary access to Empathy services. After completing a brief questionnaire, you will receive personalized care and enjoy unlimited access to the app, courtesy of Empathy.  Learn more at

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Honoring David Babb's Legacy

David Babb, whose memory fuels our mission, lived with an immense love for people, and life's simple pleasures, and his partner, Steven Karaiskos—a board member and leader within the Kita group. David's journey reminds us that we all need support at times.

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