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To prevent suicide by building intentional environments to foster connections and a lifelong engagement with mental wellness.


We are stewards of a restorative community for healing and learning. We honor the lived experiences of those impacted by suicide and suicide risk. Hope and joy are fostered through shared experiences, engagement, and mutual support with the goal of generational transformation.



KITA, established in 2013 by the Mosher siblings, pioneered the first summer-camp program for children grieving a loved one's suicide. Over the years, we've specialized in this niche, becoming leaders in suicide grief support.

Nearly ten years later, we're eager to announce a significant expansion of our mission and the next chapter in our story. Camp Kita is transitioning into The Kita Center. This rebranding reflects not just our continued commitment to the children we serve but also the broadening of our scope to make a greater positive impact on the mental health landscape in New England and beyond.

The Kita Center will serve as a nurturing haven for those in need, offering various programs designed to reach even more individuals and communities. Our flagship program, Camp Kita, remains a vital part of what we do. In addition, we're expanding to offer training programs, retreats for underserved and hard-hit communities, support groups, and a sanctuary for social connection. 

Our vision for The Kita Center is to become a beacon of hope and a community hub for mental health resources. Situated within nature, The Kita Center will offer an approach to suicide prevention rooted in supportive and restorative care and lifted up community.

At The Kita Center — tucked along the shore of Loon Pond in Southern Maine —community, mental health, and nature will walk hand-in-hand with the goal of generational transformation.


We can't do it without the support and encouragement of the following organizations. If you are interested in a large sponsorship of The Kita Center please contact us.

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I felt so at peace because normally you aren’t surrounded by so many people that know exactly how you feel. Rarely do you run into people who have been through the same loss. I am so thankful for having the opportunity to go to camp and I can't wait for next year!

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