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Meet the four fearless individuals running (and raising!) for Camp Kita as members of Team Kita's Boston Marathon® team! 

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Justin is an avid hockey player, a disabled combat veteran, but most importantly, a family man. He’s running the Boston Marathon in honor of the families of friends that he has lost to suicide. Justin lives with his family in the Washington DC area, but is from Massachusetts and is excited to have his family and friends cheer him on.



Tracey is a runner. This will be her third major Marathon and 5th marathon. She is a mother to a 13 year old son,  Brady and 11 year old daughter Norah.  Both Brady and Norah were fortunate to attend Camp Kita this past summer.  Tracey is running in honor of her husband Chris she lost to suicide this past January. Tracey and her kids reside in Bow NH.



Melissa is the beloved nurse for Camp Kita since 2019. In addition to her volunteerism as our nurse, Melissa has personally fundraised over $40,000 for Camp Kita, and has set her goals on raising another $10,000 this marathon season as she embarks on her fifth journey running Boston on behalf of Camp Kita.  

At camp, watching Melissa work is such a privilege. Melissa's care and compassion goes well beyond temperature checks, bandages, and ointments--she cures camper homesickness with her time and conversation, and eases camper worries with coloring pages and company. When she isn't at camp, Melissa works as a RN Care Manager at Wentworth Douglas Hospital, and enjoys her family time, riding horses, and her dogs!



Gianna is a student at Boston University and an avid runner! This will be her 3rd marathon and she is very grateful to be running on behalf of Camp Kita. She is running in honor of her friend, Lucas, who lost his life to suicide this past spring. When Gianna is not running and studying Anthropology in Boston, you can find her working as a camp counselor in NH or playing with her Great Dane, Ham, in northwestern CT! 



 Camp Kita is proud to be an official Partner of John Hancock in the Marathon Non-Profit Program. The Non-Profit Program provides over 1,000 Boston Marathon® bibs to select non-profit organizations throughout the community, which provides organizations, like Camp Kita, with a significant fundraising opportunity.

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